Q: What is venuenesia?

A: Venuenesia is an online venue rental service provider that connects owners with venue users. Our goal is to help customers find unique places that suit their needs with the easy search abilities and booking process. In addition, we want to help venue owners maximize the use of their venue.

Q: Why venuenesia?

A: We have broad options of unique venues at affordable prices for variety of event such as birthday party, meeting, yoga, painting exhibition, photo session and many more. Venues like garden, swimming pool, meeting room and museum can be booked at venuenesia.

Q: What will I get by listing my venue at venuenesia?

A: Maximum exposure at our website and social media channels, minimum competition as all venues are unique, personalized support and services.

Q: How to list my venue at venuenesia?

A: Please connect with us through email at hello@venuenesia.com or WhatsApp at +6281297501188

Q: Is there any fee to list venues at venuenesia?

A: Listing is free! Please send us email to know more details

Q: How many venues can be listed at venuenesia? Is there any maximum number of listing?

A: You can list as many venues as you like 

Q: Is there any administration fee charged to the venue users/customers?

A: No administration fee. We only charge cancelation fee if there’s any cancelation

Q: How’s the booking process?

A: Once you klik the “Book Now” button, email confirmation will be sent to your email within 1×24 hour. Your booking only confirmed when payment has been made.

Q: When the venue owners get their payment?

A: Venue owner will get the payment within 3×24 hour. This is to make sure there is no complaint from both parties.

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